Introducing the Sleep Solution Mattress

This ergonomic relief-providing mattress is constructed for resiliency and durablity. It’s made of supported polyurethane with a layer of laminated nylon adding to the mattress strength. The reinforced construction increases the mattress’s strength and reduces flex fatigue, The Sleep Solution Mattress™ is built for comfort and long life. It’s light-weight and deflateable for use at home and on the road.

It's Time To Dream Again

What would it mean to be able to travel comfortably? If you need to sleep with your upper body elevated, would you want to be able to have a bed that sets you in the ideal position to get the rest you need? If you have difficulty when trying to sleep when you're away from home, you deserve a solution.

That's what led to the creation of the Sleep Solution Mattress™. Designed to solve the symptoms of conditions such as Acid Reflux, the Sleep Solution Mattress™ is specifically designed to help you work and play at your best.

If you're one of the millions of people who can't travel comfortably and you still want to get away, take a cruise, or see the world, your time has come. The Sleep Solution Mattress™ makes it possible to leave home for an extended vacation or trip.

The Sleep Solution Mattress™ is designed to keep your head in an elevated position while providing support for your back and legs. The angle of the bed fits your body while allowing you to change sleep positions comfortably during the night as you get restful sleep. The inflatable construction permits you to easily adjust the pressure so that it conforms to your body shape while providing necessary physical/comfort support for restful sleep.

The nylon polyurethane material utilized in the production of the air cells contains special additives applied in both the coating and lamination process. The additives include treatments and fillers that enhance the physical characteristics of the overall polyurethane performance.

The special additives include adhesion promoters, UV stabilizers, UV inhibitors, flame retardants, antioxidants, and an ingredient that fights a variety of fungi and bacteria.

The air chambers are produced using radio frequency (RF) machines. This type of welding process gives the air chambers the strongest possible seam strength because the materials are bonded together at the molecular level and not simply melted or glued together.

Flexible Products That Help Your Body Sleep

Sectional Version. In addition, Quality of Life Products also has designed the "Sectional" mattress that can be adjusted to more closely fit your height. In the "Sectional" unit, the lower part where the legs lie is free and can be moved to more precisely fit your height.

New Portable Model. In addition, the Sleep Solution Mattress™ offers a "Portable" model that is designed for those who have coil springs and a mattress they like. The Portable model is zippered to a mattress cover, using your present coil springs and mattress.

The dedicated quiet pump allows the user to adjust the bed's firmness.

Drawing of the Sleep Solution Mattress

Drawing of the Sleep Solution Mattress