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The Sleep Solution Mattress™ opens travel to people who have trouble sleeping away from home. You can offer your clients the option for a restful night's sleep.

What would it mean to travel experiences if people who need to sleep with their heads elevated could have a bed that set them in the ideal position to get the rest they need? There are conditions that cause people difficulty when trying to sleep when they're away from home; they need a solution.

Millions of people who can't travel comfortably still want to get away, take a cruise, see the world, and yet, travel is prohibited due to medical conditions that make it too uncomfortable to sleep night after night on a flat mattress.

There are opportunities to travel that you may be missing out on. Your clients may be missing out on travel options because they don't know a solution is there for them.

Maybe they need help on those nights when late dinners, rich food, or eating and drinking too much make it impossible to get enough sleep.

The Sleep Solution Mattress™ solves that problem and helps people work and play at their best.

The Sleep Solution Mattress™ is designed to sleep with a person's head in an elevated position while providing support for their back and legs. The angle of the bed fits their body while allowing them to change sleep positions comfortably during the night as they get restful sleep. The inflatable contruction permits easy adjustments to the pressure to conform to different body shapes while providing the necessary physical/comfort support for restful sleep.