How A Life-Enhancing Mattress Came Into Being

It was while battling GERD himself that Michael Altamura, M.D., F.A.C.S. began a personal mission to find a way to get the rest he badly needed. Working 15-hour days — often in surgery — Dr. Altamura well knew the importance of getting enough sleep.

To the doctor, however, sleeping flat in bed was impossible. Pillows arranged to elevate his head into a proper position shifted out of place and even when he could catch a little rest, the position put pressure on his lower back.

Using a foam wedge did not work either, because once asleep the body naturally slides down the wedge slope. Furthermore, he found that laying on a wedge put pressure on his lower back, causing pain and after a while even numbness of the area around the sacrum—a big triangular bone at the base of the spine. Elevating the head of the bed on cinder blocks had the same troubling effect.

Dr. Altamura’s research uncovered the fact that within a 12-month period, some 29,000,000 Americans had weekly GERD symptoms. Sleep for this group was also a problem, so the doctor increased the intensity of his search for a mattress that would help alleviate his and their sleep problems.

Putting his understanding of the medical condition together with an inventor’s imagination, Dr. Altamura created the Sleep Solution Mattress™. It is an inflatable air mattress that maintains its shape and position and allows each user to adjust its air pressure for maximum personal comfort.

Naturally, it is anatomically and ergonomically precise. It spreads the sleeper’s weight evenly which eliminates pressure from the low back. The Sleep Solution Mattress™ is lightweight, strong, and small enough to be easily packed, so it can travel everywhere you want or need to go.

Business travelers, who find they are often eating late when attending important functions on the road, are especially pleased at having a mattress that provides them complete rest while away from home. Realizing many acid reflux sufferers are unwilling or unable to leave home led Dr. Altamura to make further refinements to refine and ideal mattress so that the travel industry would be able to provide a sleep solution for business and pleasure travelers.

When Dr. Altamura learned that millions of people who suffer from the symptoms of GERD are virtually homebound, it was a revelation. Now, with the Sleep Solution Mattress™ available for their facilities, the travel and hospitality industries—including ocean cruise liners—can open their businesses to a whole segment of would-be travelers, and the resulting profits.

Michael Altamura, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Michael Altamura, M.D., F.A.C.S.