• Relaxing, reading and enjoying travel again.

    The Importance
    of Sleep

    Nothing goes right in a sleep-deprived world. And many people have to function without proper rest. Read More

  • Changing positions makes for a comfortable night's sleep

    How important
    is a good night's sleep?

    Nearly one third of a healthy person’s life is spent in sleep. But for many, it’s not possible to get a good night’s sleep. more

  • Get cozy and comfortable in a real bed designed to relieve symptoms.

    Introducing the
    Sleep Solution Mattress™

    If you are one of the millions who cannot get a full restful night of sleep, read more about the breakthrough invention designed to give you the benefits of good deep restful sleep. more

About Our Products

Whether you’re at home or traveling, finding a comfortable solution for your sleep is one of the best things you can do for yourself. That is why the Sleep Solution Mattress™ comes in three designs with three sizes to fit your individual body properly.

The Portable
Mattress Solution

The Sleep Solution Mattress be inflates in seconds and can be placed on any existing bed.

The Full Mattress Solution
For Your Comfort

Our mattresses come with a dedicated ultra-quiet remote controlled comfort control pump.

Remote Adjustments with a quiet pump
The Perfect Option for the Hospitality Industry

Our Sectional Mattress option accommodates your height and torso length.

The Sectional Mattress Solution